It's extremely simple to add new Enquiry in the system with the help of Edugird. 

To add new Enquiry in the system. Go to right hand side menu. Click on Admission > Enquiry

You will get a list of Enquiries previously done by students. This list shows some important information in initial listing view such as:

 1. Date of Enquiry

2. Student Name

3. Student Mobile Number

4. City of student

5. Branch at which he had enqired about course

6. The counselor who attended the student.

7. Status of the student such as Examined/ Enquired/ Admitted etc

8. Source of the reference from which student got to know about class

9. Whether he has any Remarks on the status of his admission.

 To view further details of the student, please click on the name of the student. You will get detailed overview of students' information available in the system, as follows: 


On the listing pag of Enquiries, you can also view Result of Enquiry Exam by moving your mouse on Status text and you will get options such as:

1. Generate Exam or 

2. View Result.


To add an enquiry to Follow up hover your mouse to Remark section of selected Enquiry and select Follow up