You can always manage your follow ups using Edugird. The process of managing follow-ups starts right after the student makes an enquiry in the organization.

You can always access student's enquiry at Admission > Enquiry. 


In the listing view, if you hover you mouse to student's remark. You will get an option to add a Follow-up for that student, as shown in the following figure.



Click on Follow Up button. You will get a Follow-up pop up box. 

Fill out all fields with necessary information and click on SAVE. Your enquiry will get added in the system.

You can view all of your enquiries by going to Right-hand side menu's Follow up > Enquiry

Here you can see listing view of all enquiries available in the system

On this listing page you will get access to all equiries by their types, such as:

1. Exam enquiries

2. Admission Enquiries

3. Fees Enquiries

4. Gap Enquiries

5. Attendance Enquiries 

Here on this page, you have the flexibility to select a date range to have a look at the equiries on a particular date.

In the Action section of this listing page, you can either Close the particular enquiry or forward this equiry.

With the help of Edugird you can also easily track what discussion you've had with a student while persuing his follow-up. 

Just click on the name of the student and you'll get a list of discussions that you've had with a student while following him up.