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Edugird system provides you the best way to manage and monitor follow-ups of students online and in real time. For more information on How To Add Follow-Up in Edugird please visit, http://support.infogird.com/support/solutions/articles/22000206287-add-follow-up-in-edugird 

How To Access:

Navigate to right-hand side menu of Edugird. Click on Followup > Report

You will get a List view of all the follow-ups available in the system


Here on this listing page, you can see:

1. Names of students, Follow up types for which we have had followed them up (for e.g.,  Exam Follow-up, Admission Follow-up, Fees-Follow up, Attendance Follow-Up).

2. Follow up date and the counselor who followed them up.

3. You can also see the latest response that student provided while follow up by clicking View button.

4. You can sort these records as per your need by clicking  this button.

5. You can view follow-up records for a particular date by clicking on the calendar provided on the page,  like this.

6. If you are interested in particular follow-up type you can select that particular follow-up type by selecting it from the dropdown menu available on the left-hand side of listing page.