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There are two users who can mark attendance of students in the system. They are:

1. Admin user

2. Teachers / Counselors

Admin user has a privilege to mark attendance of any Branch or Batch whereas, Teachers / Counselors can only mark attendance of those batches for which they are assigned to teach.


How To Access:

Navigate to right-hand side menu of Edugird. Click on Training> Attendance

Then you can view a form on the right side of the web page as follows:

Features / Functionalities:

As you can see in above form, you have presented with some drop down boxes. Select appropriate values in for these drop down boxes.

After selecting proper values in Drop Down boxes, you can get a specific batch for which you want to update the attendance as in the following picture:

 Here, you can update/ edit attendance of any batch/branch. After updating attendance from this form, this attendance will get reflected in respective student's profile and in batch information page.