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Edugird provides you a way to give a freedom to your students, so they can change their batches as per their convenience. With the help of Edugird you can also define the condition as to how many times you could allow your students to change their batch timing.

How To Access:

Navigate to right-hand side menu of Edugird. Click on Training> Batch Change

After clicking on Batch Change option, on the right-hand side of the menu, you will get a list view of student's who have recently changed their batch as follows:


A. Here on this listing page:

  1. You can see a list of students who have changed their batches with their Names, Previous Batch timings,   Their Counselors.

  2. You can also see list of students who changed their previously by selecting  proper date or date range from   this calendar

  3. You can also search through records by using  this search box provided.

B. If you want to change batch of a student then:

  1. click on  button.  

  2. You will be provided with following form, where you need to provide registered mobile number of the student who wants to change his batch.


  3. After providing mobile number of the student and clicking on Submit button, you will get a form which displays batch information of the student such as: Student Name, Current Batch, Current Course, Current Batch Time and so on.

Here from the last Drop down menu , you can select a new batch time that you want to assign to the student. Then after clicking on Submit button, this new batch timing will be assigned to the student.