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Edugird provides you a way to get a detailed information of a batch.  With the help of this section, a user of Edugird can:

  1. Get a detailed view of current Batches in the organization.

  2. Create new batches.

  3. Get details of upcoming/future batches

  4. Get details of Cancelled batches.

How To Access:

To access this section, navigate to left-hand side menu, click on Training > Batches.

After clicking, you will get a list view as follows:


A] As you can see in the above,  with this list view, you can:

        1. Easily see Period of batches

        2. Timing of those batches

        3. Courses that those batches are teaching

        4. Name of trainers for those batches

        5. Brach names of those batches

        4. City Names of those batches

        5. Ratio of students' attendance in those batches

        6. See previous batches with  button

        7. See upcoming batches with  button

        8. See batches with attendance less than 80% with  button.

        9.  See canceled batches with  button.

B] To create new batch 

         1. Click on  button.

        2.  You will get a new form as follows:


        3. Fill out form with appropriate values and click on Submit button. A new batch will get created.


 C] To view batch calendar duration, hover your mouse to a Period section of the listing and you will get time duration for that particular batch as follows:

D] To view details of a particular batch

        1. click on period of section of the batch

        2. You will be redirected to Batch details page and you will get a view as follows


        3. On this batch information page, you can:

                1. Access overview of the batch

                2. Can view student list category wise as follows

                 3. Can After selecting proper student list in above drowpdwon list, you will get a list of students in that batch as follows:

 This list displays Student Names, their Mobile Numbers, their Attendance Percentage, Total days they've attended class, the Status of the student.

                4. You can also check the performance of a particular student in a batch by clicking  this button.        

                5. After clicking on view button you  will get a view as follows:

Here you can view the performance of a student weekly. This performance is added by trainers of the respective batches.

                6. You can access log book section, where you can see log entries made by trainers/teachers after every batch session as follows.

On this listing page, you can see 1. Topic taught in class 2. Remarks of trainers for those class sessions 3. Date on which the remark has been added and 4. Name of the trainer who taught in batch

                7. You can view attendance of the all students day wise with Attendance tab as shown in the following picture


                8. You can Add / Edit attendance of students via Add Attendance Button. After clicking on this button you will get a view as shown in the following picture.

ere you can add/edit attendance of students. By default, the Today's attendance is displayed to edit on screen. But you can easily navigate to desired day to manage your attendance by clicking this drop-down menu and by selecting the desired date.