With this Incentive Report, admin of Edugird can view Incentives for each of counsellor of the Institute

How To Access:

To access Incentive Report, navigate to left-hand side menu of Edugird and click on Report > Incentive as shown in the following picture:

After clicking on the link a new page on the right side of the webpage will open as shown in the followin picture:

Features / Functionalities:

Provide appropriate values to the dropdowns available on the webpage and you will  get a list view on the web page as shown in the following picture:

As you can see in the picture, you can view incentives for all Counsellors. You can sort this record for particular

1. City with  button

2. Branch with  button

3. Counsellor with  button.


If you have admin rights to Edugird you can set incentives with the help of the following link: