With Source Report, admin of Edugird can have detailed look at the sources of admission in an institute.

How To Access:

To access this section of Edugird navigate to left-hand side menu of Edugird and click on Report > Source, as shown in the following picture:

After clicking on Source link you will be presented with a new web page on the right-hand side of the webpage as shown in the following picture:

Features / Functionalities:

At this point, you need to select appropriate values from Drop downs available on the webpage with proper Date Range and you will then get a list view as shown in the following picture:

As you can see from the above list, you will get a detailed report on sources of admission such as 

1. Source Name

2. Walk Ins

3. Head Count

4. Admissions

5. Old head count

6. Old admission

7. Total head count

8. Total Admission