Happy hours is a way of helping organization to better manage their downtime. With happy hours we can provide special deals and discounts to students to special batches.

How To Access:

To access Happy Hours Settings, navigate to left-hand side menu of Edugird and click on Settings > Happy Hours; as shown in the following picture.

Features / Functionalities:

After clicking on the Happy Hours link, on the right-hand side of the web page you will get a view as shown in the following picture.

As shown in the above picture you will get a list view of already added Happy Hours in the system.  If you want to view Happy Hours for specific City/ Branch or Time, you can search these with the help of  these drop down menu available on the form.

You can Activate or Deactivate Happy Hours by clicking  this button on the form. 

To add new Happy Hour in the system click on , a new pop up box as shown in the following picture will appear.

Provide appropriate values to this pop up box and click on  button. New Happy Hour will get added in the system, and you can view this Happy Hour in the List View available on the web page. 

After adding this Happy Hour in the system, this Happy Hour will be available for students to enroll in at a discount (pre-defined) price. 

As you can see in the above picture, you can give admission to student with the help of this new Happy Hour added in the system.