For the organization that spans across multiple locations and multiple branches, Edugird is the best solution to manage their business. With the help of Add Branch section of Edugird, you can add multiple branches of your Institute into the system. 

How To Access:

To access this section, navigate to left-hand side menu of Edugird and click on Add Branch; as shown in the following picture.

Features / Functionalities:

After clicking on the above link, on the right-hand side of the webpage, you will get a view as follows

On this page, you can see 

1. City

2. Location

3. Name

4. Mobile Number

5. Branch Type of your organization (Whether Self Hosted Branch or Franchise)

If you want to add new branch into the system, click on  button, and a new pop up will open as shown in the following picture.

Fill this pop up form with appropriate values and click on   button, new branch will get added in the system.